I write the songs...

I have been hearing music in my head as long as I can remember. I started writing poems at a very young age and as I started playing guitar and hearing melodies as I would strum chords, lyrics were a natural fit for me. I love music across a wide spectrum of genres and while I do a little bit of everything in the songwriting process, as a songwriter, I would consider myself to primarily a lyricist first and foremost. I love the human experience we get through the connection brought about by music and song. My goal in songwriting is to connect with the listener and convey a thought, a feeling, a story.

steven's songs

Below are demo's of the latest songs I have written.  This section is a little light as I am currently working hard on a handful of new songs. Keep checking back to see what I've been working on! :-)

"Live For the Summertime" Is a song that I had the great privilege to write with the amazingly talented Arlis Albritton. It was the first of what I hope will be many co-write's with Arlis, and it was also my first attempt at writing in the country genre. We have received great feedback on our efforts. I hope you enjoy!

In Progress:


  • Anywhere But Here
  • Lovin' This Single Me
  • Get With That
  • Living Proof
  • The Heart Breaker In You
  • Long Distance Love Affair
  • But That Was Then
  • #Over It!
    .....and even more to come!

Latest News

Just creating space for future thoughts about my songwriting endeavors and processes. :-)